"The show last night was sick," Chris Spicuzza emphatically states over a phone call earlier today, remembering Chimaira's show the previous night (08/21) in Cleveland, their hometown. He went on to tell how people in the audience rushed the stage at the end, came up, and just started destroying shit. "That's the way every show should be," he concluded... Next Order Of Business - Chimaira will not be playing tomorrow night's show (08/23) in Allentown, PA. Reason being, along the lines of Anyone, their van caught fire. Could this be the Roadrunner curse? Much like the curse of the Bambino which haunts the Red Sox? Regardless, after their show in Toledo this past Friday (08/17), the van was 2 minutes away from Rob's house, when all the sudden it caught fire. Fire trucks, police cars, the whole nine yards...a big fiasco in the suburban streets of Strongsville! So, right now the van is in the shop, and Chimaira will not be able to make it to Allentown tomorrow. Yes, the rest of the show will go on as scheduled. Hey, there is a silver lining to every cloud - word is the band may be upgrading to an RV, meaning no more having 11 cats crammed in a small little van whilst traveling cross country. famous last words - "we're very stoked about the Roadrunner RoadRage Tour" (see previous tour story titled IT'S HAPPENING).