CKY's highly anticipated new album Carver City is in stores now.

GO HERE to get your digital copy from iTunes, GO HERE for the Special Edition.

GO HERE to get your physical copy from the Omega Order, GO HERE for the Special Edition.

A special message straight from The CKY Alliance:

Hello FuCKYers,

By the time you read this, on may 19th in the year of our lord rock, CKY’s brand spanking new album Carver City will be on shelves everywhere. Literally years in the making, this album is not only a great way to start the summer, but will metaphorically rip open your skull and swirl around yer brains until you have been reborn in a hail of riffs, synths, lyrics, and grooves that no one else would or could exactingly deliver. Let me rephrase; upon purchase and aural/visual ingestment of this album, you will begin life anew, seeing and conceiving what before was only confusion and mist. The songs won’t leave yer head, and you won’t want to stop listening to the album.

Carver City will be available in two different packages; the album itself, containing 11 tracks of head expanding finery, and the Special Edition album, containing 4 bonus tracks and expanded artwork. As is stated by the name, the special edition album is limited, so snap em up while you can. You can find these both digitally and physically using the links above. 

While you have the time, check out the awesome informative clips featuring the band HERE.

Stay tuned for further news, including more dates for the Carver City tour! Coming soon…

-Ringo, The CKY Alliance