Writes the site, "A little early, but mention must be made of the new Ratt album Infestation (Roadrunner/Loud & Proud). It’s not out until April 19, but the wait is worth it. This is the band’s best album since 1986’s Dancing Undercover, full of those classic Warren DeMartini guitar motifs and thumping songs. Always undervalued, the Ratt pack have shown they’re still lean, mean, hungry and ready to burst once more out of the cellar (ouch!)."

Also on their radar is Airbourne's forthcoming album, of which the site jests, "Do we need Airbourne when we’ve got AC/DC? There’s the big question being pondered in the philosophy departments of the great seats of learning: Oxford, Cambridge, The Crobar. Actually, that’s a touch harsh on these outback riders, because No Guts. No Glory. (Roadrunner) is diverting, entertaining and stuffed with the sort of dumbo drinking anthems that the Aussies in general do better than anyone else. So go on, indulge yourself and remember: if AC/DC never existed, then Airbourne would be the acknowledged masters.