Thanks to the good cats at WMMS, the rock radio station in Cleveland, we have a stream of a recent interview done with Chimaira's vocalist Mark Hunter. After playing the Riverfront Rampage show in New Jersey, Chimaira started the drive back to Cleveland for a homecoming show. As tradition dictates, Mark always stops in the studio at WMMS for an interview before each home show. However, due to being on the road, this was not possible. Somewhere on the streets of Scotrun, PA (Scotrun, not Scrotum), the band pulled over and Mark called in for the interview. Check out the 20 minute real audio stream of this piece HERE. note - you may learn something which we are not at liberty to tell... (interview took place on 08/19) interesting fact - upon calling Mark and getting his voice mail the other day, something was noticed. The voice inviting you to leave a message was eerily familiar, but it was not Mark's...Do you know whose voice it is? None other than Lemmy from Motorhead. It is priceless...we are almost tempted to give you his number so you can check it out for yourself. So, just how did Lemmy's voice end up on his voice mail? Well, back when Chimaira was in LA rehearsing for the recording of their upcoming Roadrunner debut Pass Out Of Existence, they had some company. Turns out that Motorhead was practicing for an upcoming tour right next to Chimaira's space. Mark shook Lemmy down in the hallway (Lemmy not knowing who Chimaira was) and flat out asked him to do it. And he did. The laughs in the background are almost as priceless as hearing Lemmy speak. one last note - So, to the left of Chimaira's rehearsal space was Motorhead. Can you guess who was practicing to the right? That's right! The Go-Go's. aha, a small world indeed... Oh, and as for new Chimaira photos, check out their PHOTO GALLERY. 12 new pics taken from their 08/28 show at NYC's Wetlands. photos courtesy of Howie Abrams, the man who actually signed the Karma To Burn to Roadrunner...yes, your world just got even smaller... Pass Out Of Existence in stores October 2nd