Dez Fafara, currently of DevilDriver, has reunited with his former band Coal Chamber for some shows at Australia's Soundwave festival in 2012. Fafara said in the band's official announcement, "These reunion shows are for the fans that want to see us again as well as all the people that never got to see Coal Chamber. It is and always will be a very special part of my life, so these few shows are for those people and for us.

"If you're not from Australia, better get a ticket now to come see this event!"

Guitarist Miguel "Meegs" Rascón added, "Australia has never seen us, nor have we seen them. It will be an extraordinary exchange of energy and adrenaline.

"Hello Aussies, nice to meet you!"

He continued, "This reunion will mark a decade since we last played together, so staring at my brothers on stage face to face will be an emotional rollercoaster for me. Tears of joy would be an understatement, to say the least.

"You know, all of us have gone through our separate journeys in life, but we're coming back to rekindle this and throw the past in the past and put the future in our hands."

Stated drummer Mike Cox: "Of all the great achievements Coal Chamber made in the past, getting back together after all we've been through will be the greatest achievement to date."

Concluded Dez: "We've all grown up and put the personal past behind us now and are moving forward with these few shows in a spirit of friendship through music.

"You must remember where you came from in order to know where you are going."

Coal Chamber released three albums on Roadrunner - 1997's self-titled debut, 1999's Chamber Music and 2002's Dark Days - before breaking up during the Dark Days touring cycle.