As soon as you can say 'Friday,' Thornley will be touring the US...and it's about time. Friday (6/4) will mark the band's first US tour travels since the May 18th release of their debut CD Come Again. That reminds us, do check out the following review of Come Again from BILLBOARD magazine: Get ready for Thornley to break in a big way. Most established bands do not get two songs from a debut album spun at radio prior to street date. But even before the arrival of "Come Again," Thornley's first single, "So Far So Good," pulled impressive modern and active rock airplay - and the title track started gaining air time. Canadian Ian Thornley leads a seasoned crew whose performances are as impressive as this tautly produced and well-crafted set. There are many passages to explore, led by Thornley's Chris Cornell-esque voice: "Falling To Pieces" has great time changes, acoustic guitar takes the lead on "The Going Rate (My Fix)." Also present are dirty rock ("Easy Comes") and sonic effects ("The Lies That I Believe"). Don't be surprised when this act becomes one of the year's most celebrated discoveries. See the last line? And you can say you heard it here first. Catch Thornley live - see our TOUR section for all upcoming dates. Thornley Come Again out now