What's the latest from the magic that is Roadrunner Northeast sales guru Malibu Lou? Two more in stores...and neither are in J-E-R-S-E-Y...this time around we are talkin' Pittsburgh and Rochester. Details as follows: 09/30 at Eide's Entertainment (1121 PENN AVE - Pittsburgh, PA) Soulfly will be walking through the joint starting at 3:30pm, signing autographs and giving reasons as to why the Steelers should focus efforts on a ground game. 10/10 at House of Guitars (645 TITUS AVE - Rochester, NY) The 'world famous' House Of Guitars, that is...Both Soulfly AND downthesun will be on site starting at 3:30pm. see TOUR for a full compliment of upcoming Soulfly & downthesun tour dates