Thornley currently has but two dates left on their plate in the US, before hitting Canadian soil and playing a few shows in the great north. That being said, we take you to a day in the life of a day off on the road (August 8th, 2004, as told by the band): We were parked at a hotel on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. The day went something like this: Wake up, eat at Waffle House, go to room, shower, shave etc, watch tv, play some guitar, watch tv, browse the gas station aisles for munchies, watch tv, go from hotel to hotel in the area trying to find wireless, watch tv, eat dinner (crappy delivered wings), watch tv, play video games, try to read (fail), watch tv... Now you know...and the very next night after all this rest? At the Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City, OK, the band played the elusive perfect show. "(It was) one or those rare nights where everybody was in sync and there were no tech issues. We wake this morning with an air of happiness," tells bassist Worm. check our TOUR section for all upcoming Thornley dates...debut release - Come Again - in stores now