Coming soon on M2 (MTV2, we are sure you know, but a cool fuckin' video channel)...back to what is coming to M2: Anyone, Jerry Cantrell, Killswitch Engage - starting this weekend, M2 will be airing a 3+ minute segment on the SXSW music festival that took place in Austin, TX this past weekend. From what we hear, the piece is basically about the future of music. Numerous acts will be shown and talked about in the piece - Anyone, Jerry Cantrell, and Killswitch Engage being three of them. Air times this weekend on M2 are as follows: Sat 3/23: 515am, 215pm Sun 3/24: 215am, 815pm Mon 3/25: 115am, 515am, 215pm, 415pm, 615pm note - live pics of Anyone from their show at SXSW this past weekend can be seen in their Photo Gallery...and of course, some funny, yet classic, fuckin' pics of KsE from the studio can be seen in the Killswitch Engage Photo Gallery (wait till you hear what they created under these conditions). Ill Nino, Slipknot - M2 hosts a show called THE ROCK SHOW. Aptly titled. Airing next week during the show (3-4pm) on the following dates will be the new videos from Ill Nino and Slipknot: Wednesday 3/27 Friday 3/29