Folks, just a quick update on a couple of previous contests here on the site - Win A Phone Call From Spineshank - your entries have been printed out and sent to the band. They are currently on a tour bus reading them somewhere...once word is given from the band, winning entry will be posted and named. Spineshank Road Kit - we have gotten all the goods from the band for this package. Five winners to be announced with the winner of the above contest shortly. Sepultura's NATION digi - the five winners of this are Jason B, John M, Jeremy T, Joel O, and Robert E. Keep an eye out in the mail. By the way, the five extra tracks found on the European digi are "Bela Lugosi's Dead", "Annihilation", "Rise Above", "Revolt" (demo), and "Roots Bloody Roots" (live). Soulfly "Bleed" video - Remember this one? Name something that happened in 1998 to win a copy of the "Bleed Video"? Well, you guys had some great answers! It was tough to pick just 15 people. Answers picked were based on humor (Roseanne being cancelled), good truth (Creed not being on the radio, Soulfly on Ozzfest, Spineshank's debut release), rites of passage (virginity lost, marriage, sham smoking), heartfelt stories (death stories), current events (Bill & Monica), and more... The winners are as follows - Doug B, Matt B, Alex O, Rob B, Jennie K, Lew C, Christian R, CJ W, Stephen P, Jake B, Jamie J, Jarrod P, Hannah P, Brandon J, and Amanda B. Congrats and thanks!