Last night (02/12) Nickelback broke their UK touring cherry at the Astoria in London. Their virgin UK show was part of the upcoming UK NME awards. The night, headlined by Nickelback, also featured Rival Schools, Backyard Babies (premium Swedish rock), and The Parkinsons. How did things go? Frontman Chad Kroeger addressed the crowd saying "I'd like to thank each and every one of you for making our first time here so fucking cool!" Nickelback's set list for the night was as follows: 'Woke Up This Morning' 'One Last' 'Too Bad' 'Breathe' 'Cowboy Hat' 'Hollywood' 'Hangnail' 'Worthy To Say' 'Never Again' 'Old Enough' 'Where Do I hide' 'Tom Jode' 'Next Contestant' 'Leader Of Men' 'Mistake' 'How You Remind Me' Next up, five weeks touring Europe.