Happy New Year. doubleDrive spent this past New Year's Eve playing a show at The Bay in Chattanooga, TN. What of it? For the New Year show, all three members of the band NOT behind the drum kit (Donnie, Troy, Josh) launched flames off their guitars (bass, in Josh's case) to the grand delight of the crowd. "Cheesy flames, only went about eight feet. But hey, if you can launch flames off the neck of your guitar, that's pretty cool," explains frontman Donnie. Ever wonder how one launches flames from a guitar? Sure ya have. Want Donnie to tell the secret? Sure ya do: "Basically, it's off flash paper. Fill a cylinder with cotton flash paper and you use a couple AA batteries to make it hot like a car cigarette lighter. Hit the chord, press the button, poof - you have flames." Now you know. Onward and upward: At the show, Big Red (see previous doubleDrive updates) - hot off the Danzig tour - was the man behind the mixing board for the night. Surely the sound was tight, tight like a truck (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean). Rock was also on hand handling the guitar tech duties. Did You Know? Rock actually handles guitar tech duties for Disturbed on tour. True. But we digress...Donnie makes it clear he thanks for Big Red and Rock for working the show. "Good friends, family and New Year." Speaking of which, it must be noted that Big Red was kicked out of the hotel later that night. "It was totally a scene from Cops, I was looking for a camera," laughs Donnie. He then goes onto explain something about security being sent up to their room for a fifth time that night..."It was great. Around 7:30am we decided it was New Year enough already." During this conversation with Donnie, "11-59" - the lead track off doubleDrive's Roadrunner debut Blue In The Face (04/29 release date) - is being cranked from a stereo in the office. True. Donnie inquires, "is it Malibu Lou (playing the song)?" Oddly enough, he was right on with his assumption. See, Northeast sales regional Malibu Lou loves this track...and Donnie does as well, "one of my favorite leads, so glad it opens the album." Donnie, if you are reading this, expect an email of praise from Malibu on this song...seriously. Getting ready for the release of Blue In The Face, doubleDrive is currently looking at tour opportunities. "Led Zeppelin...Robert Plant called me. We're old buddies," muses Donnie. Seriously, there should be doubleDrive tour news on the near horizon. "I just wanna get out and tear across the damn country...and leave a trail of fire." Words of wisdom, Donnie. Words of wisdom. Happy New Year.