Corey Taylor recently sat for an interview with, in which he discussed his new book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven, the comic book adaptation of Stone Sour's House of Gold & Bones concept albums, and what's next for Slipknot.

Says Corey about A Funny Thing, "Essentially the book is about my various experiences with ghosts and the paranormal. I am basically trying to figure out what these things could be as a lot of the research I have done has left me unsatisfied. This is me trying to figure things out balanced with some of my stories and things I have seen. I think everything came together pretty well...The cool thing was when I would start writing about a place or experience I got to learn a little more about the history of things."

He describes the process of writing a comic book, saying, "With a comic book script you sort of have to write for two different audiences. You are trying to write a script that will draw in the reader but at the same time you’re trying to format the story for the artist as well. I really had to jump back and forth between what I assumed the audience would want to read and see and also what I wanted the artist to come up with. I really had to rein myself in and not get too far ahead of the process so that the artist didn’t have to call me with a thousand different questions. It was a good challenge that I loved doing."

Regarding Slipknot, he says, "The plan right now is that early next year we will get together and start throwing new music at each other. It feels like it’s time so right now everyone is putting demos together and starting to get ideas together in our heads. We all have stuff going on outside of Slipknot and are very busy so there is no timetable other than sometime next year. I think we are all in the position now to where we are looking forward to it...I definitely get excited when I hear new music from those guys but at the same time my skills at writing and my proficiency on guitar has gotten better over the years so now not only do I get excited when I hear other people’s ideas but I am also starting to write more and more Slipknot stuff. That’s something that I didn’t have the confidence to do before but now I am starting to feel really confident in my abilities. I love being able to write stuff for Slipknot now but still enjoy hearing and writing to the other guys' material."

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