And the first Roadrunner Records release for the year 2002 shall be...(drum roll please)...Fear Factory's Digital Connectivity dvd. Check out the first decade of Fear Factory in more detail than you ever would have thought the band kept. This piece really is the real deal. We've spoken about it in depth previously, so now it is time to start showing you - at the address we have a 2 minute trailer up of the dvd...just a quick flash of what is contained on the actually disc. Also, at that address you can download the song "Frequency", a track which was recorded four months after the Digimortal album was completed, making it the newest Fear Factory song. Speaking of songs, this dvd contains 8 audio tracks, be it new songs, rare songs, or remixes. Starting today with "Frequency", and ending on January 15th, we will be putting up a download each day until all 8 audio tracks on the dvd are up on the keep checking back. So get ready, check out the Digital Connectivity page and hear new Fear Factory music, and catch a glimpse of what is to come. debut dvd release Digital Connectivity in stores January 15th