Since 1910 musicians have associated visual arts with their sonic output in the form of the almighty album cover. And since 1987, Roadrunner Records has been a source of some visually stunning and visually disturbing images in the wide world of album art, nevertheless honoring the tradition. Whether using an image to set the tone for what’s to follow on your speakers, or as a means of branding in forever associating a picture with a title, there is no question as to the power of the album cover -- which is why we took a look at every album released on Roadrunner Records US to find the greatest covers in our celebrated history. Voted on by our worldwide staff, showcasing the iconic vs. the blasphemous, the painted vs. the photographed, as well as the found art vs. the commissioned art, we give you our countdown of the Ten Greatest Album Covers in Roadrunner History. Click each cover below to read all about the album and it's artwork from our perspective, from the band's perspective and from Senior VP of A&R Monte Conner's perspective. Did your favorite RR release make the cut?

#10 King Diamond - Abigail

#9 Machine Head – The Blackening

#8 Type O Negative - Slow, Deep and Hard

#7 Sepultura - Chaos A.D.

#6 Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache

#5 Nailbomb - Point Blank

#4 Fear Factory - Demanufacture

#3 Sepultura - Roots

#2 Brujeria - Matando Gueros

#1 Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses

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