CYNIC's "Traced in Air" now officially available for download

Although the much-anticipated new album Traced in Air (Season of Mist) from reunited progressive metallers CYNIC won't be released in North America till November 25th (it was originally scheduled for an October 28th release), the album is now officially available for download: 






The first run of CYNIC's "Traced in Air" CD will be a limited-edition hard cover digi-pak with the cover artwork embossed to further showcase the beautiful cover by renowned artist Robert Venosa, as well as eight original pieces of art paired with the eight songs found on the album. Venosa created the unmistakable cover and visuals for 1993's groundbreaking "Focus" album.  This limited-edition will also feature a poster of the cover art.
Also released the same day is the Traced in Air Collector's Box, which will only be available for order on-line and limited to 1,000 copies. The box contains the following:

    * USB keychain with the Cynic logo included
    * DVD size album art and lyric booklet
    * Three stickers with Venosa art from Traced in Air
    * Postcard sticker of the Traced in Air cover
    * Plexiglas case, etched with the Cynic logo and album title for CD included
    * Compressed Cynic t-shirt
    * Limited Edition Poster
    * Journal: Limited edition also contains a one of a kind translucent 24-page journal booklet (magnifying glass included), with personal notes, lyric sketches, rare photos, thoughts and dreams taken directly from Cynic's universe, mostly consisting of Paul Masvidal's personal journals which tell the story of Traced In Air and his own creative process as a songwriter. Equally lucid and esoteric, a true Cynic fan will cherish the raw beauty of this unique and profound piece of art.

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