"Given that DAATH's first full-length, "The Hinderers" was a well-intended, yet ultimately directionless and obviously pieced together foray into the blood-red waters of hybrid-metal, one that even the band themselves would rather see take a dirtnap (let's see who picks up on this one...), I'm not going spend too much dwelling on said disc. I will say that it was at least a decent effort that showed a band with the potential to live up to the hype which was thrust upon them. Well, it may have taken a year and a half, a new singer (Sean Z), the loss of keyboardist Mike Kameron (and with him almost any trace of industrial influence) and the procurement of Kevin Talley's (ex-CHIMAIRA, ex-DYING FETUS, et al.) fulltime services, but through it all, the real DAATH has arrived."

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