Nickelback is currently getting ready to play their 5th show back in the US tonight (09/04) since returning from their tour of Germany. So, what's the latest word on these cats? 1 - again, not to sound like a corporate prick, but this must be noted - Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" is currently the #1 (with a bullet, of course) Rock song being played in the country based on the radio play tracking of BDS Monitor. interesting fact - word is that this #1 status on the Rock radio format in the US is also reciprocated on the charts in Canada. Word is also that a Canadian band (which Nickelback is) achieving the #1 status on both the US and Canada charts at the same time has only happened once previously. Can you Guess Who that previous act was? hmmm, this could be the basis of a future your homework... Nonetheless, congrats to Nickelback on achieving this feat. 2 - in addition to getting spins on MTV, the video for "How You Remind Me" has now been added to VH1, for the more discerning viewers out there! Word is that it has been added to VH1's Rock Show, which airs at midnight on Friday nights. Word also has it that this vid will be played outside of the Rock Show over the course of the next month. 3 - (X-Treme Gaming Radio) is currently running a feature on Nickelback, containing a four part audio interview with bassist Mike Kroeger and a giveaway of some of them Silver Side Up cd's. Check it out. 4 - new Nickelback website. The final details are being worked on as this is being written...hoping to have it live and running as soon as tomorrow (09/05), we'll keep you posted. Silver Side Up IN STORES SEPTEMBER 11th