As mentioned before, it is becoming a rite of passage for Roadrunner acts to play on Metro Channel's THE DAILY BEAT show (previous acts include Dry Kill Logic and Sepultura). Well, next in line is Ill Nino. This upcoming Monday (07/16), ILL NINO will be performing LIVE, in-studio, for a VERY intimate audience in NEW YORK CITY. They will be playing on the Metro Channel's music show, THE DAILY BEAT, an hour-long television show that covers the New York music scene. For your enjoyment, Ill Nino will be interviewed, and then play two tracks from their upcoming release - "God Save Us" and "What Comes Around". Wanna check out the show live? THE DAILY BEAT will be sneaking in a few people to be part of the studio audience. If you are interested, drop them a line immediately at [email protected]...make sure to give them your full name, a sure way to reach you, and let them know it is the ILL NINO taping you are interested in. note - you will need to arrive at their Manhattan studio between 4:15 and 4:30pm, and stay until 6 pm on Monday, July 16th (the studio is located in the New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eigth Avenue) For those of you in our greater NY tri-state area, you can catch the show on Manhattan Cable - channel 70, or for those of you in Long Island or Jersey with Cablevision, channel 16. For those of you with none of the above...sit tight, we will be posting up video footage of the show here on the site.