Cradle Of Filth's debut release on Roadrunner Records - titled Nymphetamine - is in place for a 9/28 release here in the US. In fact, Dani Filth (Scripture and Howls, i.e. vocals) and David Pubis (Poisoned Heart Throb, i.e. bass) will be hitting NYC come the first week of August for some promo duties. Speaking of which, if you have a question to ask them, email us at [email protected] (title the email 'CoF Question') with what it is you want to know. We'll have the band answer the GOOD questions (and the clever ones) when they are here, and post them on the site shortly thereafter. Dani and David's trip to NYC will be brief, as they are due back in the UK for the video shoot of the title track from Nymphetamine, which is slated to take place 8/9.