the following is brought to you from Dez Fafara in regards to new project DevilDriver: "Today is Tuesday, July of today, I am officially done singing songs. There are 12 tracks for the album, along with an extra track entitled "Digging Up The Corpses." The extra track will only be available on the digipak which will be in Europe. We will spend Tuesday thru Friday going through the songs with a fine tooth comb. Friday will be our finishing date. This is everything I've ever dreamed of...the album is brutal in every sense of the word, and I can't get enough of it. It has an ever present hook and is built on integrity. "After Friday, mixing/mastering/and all the other great things start happening. Next week we will be meeting with photographers and video directors, and the band will be getting together to start practicing for the upcoming tour. "I'd like to thank everybody at my record label - Roadrunner Records - for a valiant effort. We're gonna be bringing them the finest product ever...and no that's not just a kiss-ass, my label supports heavy ass music, and that makes me appreciative." -Dez Fafara