For those of you who saw Will Ferrell’s take on the old Sid & Marty Croft  fave, ­­“Land of the Lost”, you may have been hit over the head by a little bit of soundtrack music that sounded familiar – make that MEGA-familiar! A few weeks ago, literally just as the film was locking in its sound, Dave Mustaine got a call to take off a day from the making of the new Megadeth album to add some riffs for Chaka, Grumpy or whatever that damn dinosaur was called and the ever-awesome Sleestaks!  (for those of you who are too young to know, they were the scary lizard-alien men that gave the show it’s air of G-rated menace).

Basically, our man Mustaine added to the soundtrack of the film with some instrumental soundtrack music.

 “I thought that the show was really scary as a kid, even though I knew it was fake!” says Dave. Can you imagine a grade-school-era Mustaine tuning into the the adventures of Marshall, Will & Holly (or whatever their names were)? Apparently so. So when Will (“Anchorman”/”Talladega Nights”) Ferrell decided to take a swing at the show, Dave bit at the chance to be part of it!  “I loved how Will Ferrell brought life to his part, but he is one of my faves anyway, so that was a no brainer!”