De Novo Dahl, an eclectic psych-pop crew that favors stunning Nudie suits as stage uniforms; names The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev among its major influences; and has nothing against having, say, beach-themed shows in the dead of winter (of course, fans wearing bikinis and trunks get in for free). De Novo Dahl - whose moniker is a blending of Latin for "the new" and the last name of creative and visual author Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) - is poised to take its creativity to strange new heights. Self-produced and mixed by David Fridmann and Tony Dugan (Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals, Belle & Sebastian), the outfit's sound has deservedly hit its sometimes glammy, sometimes retro stride. Mixing electronic layers with more spare vintage garage-rock sounds, DND arrives at a modern, completely engaging axis of experimentation and catchy songcraft.

De Novo Dahl's new album, Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound, comes out March 25th. Pre-order the album at and you'll get a CD booklet signed by the band! Supplies are limited, so order soon!

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