Dislocated Styles' Roadrunner debut titled Pin The Tail On The Honkey came out this past April 24th. Well, much like they did during the recording of their LP, they have started up again with their semi-infamous Dislo Diary. What's going on right now? More than we could write in a brief news blurb, but here's an overview - Now that Clancy (drums) is back from Boston after checking out the 2001 Women's Mud Wrestling Finals (true?), the band is rehearsing, getting ready for some upcoming shows (see TOUR section for details). They have also been practicing some songs from the Dislo archives, getting them ready for either an upcoming European single release for the track "Fire In The Hole", or possibly as bonus tracks for the European release of the full-length album Pin The Tail On The Honkey. And what would the enhancement on this Euro single be? The band has been looking over video treatments for the song "Fire In The Hole". Expect the video to be shot around June 21st, somewhere in LA. And this video, could well be the enhancement added to the "Fire In The Hole" single release. There is more too, however it is best left to the wording of Dislocated Styles' frontman Brandon. Check out their once again up and running Dislo Diary, which is basically updated on a daily basis. All the juicy details can be found at www.DislocatedStyles.com.