Sad to say a one-time Roadrunner artist, Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner, passed away last Thursday. Chuck had been battling a malignant brain tumor for quite some time - forcing him to seek a very expensive treatment that many fellow artists including Fear Factory, Papa Roach and Nonpoint, had raised a substantial amount of money to help combat. Rather than simply mourn his loss, it's important to remember the contribution that Chuck - as founder and principal member of Death and to a lesser extent, the group Control Denied - had upon today's heavy music landscape. With Death and albums like 1987's Scream Bloody Gore or 1988's Leprosy, Schuldiner established death metal as a genre, paving the way for the likes of Obituary, and most recently, Slipknot. Schuldiner and Death delivered one Roadrunner LP, 1995's Symbolic, a record that not only continued Death's tradition of Florida-bred brutality, but refined it with a technicality then unheard of in its genre. Anyone who knew Chuck knew the guy for his uncompromising stance with not only his music but also with just about every aspect of his life and career. Metal has lost one of its most influential personalities. For more info, check