When we last visited the subject of Deicide's upcoming In Torment In Hell release, it was told that we were waiting on the artwork from the band. It was also told that the art was very "sacrilicious." It was also told that you will see what we are talking about, barring the art not being too explicit. Well, it was! Though we can't really say what exactly it was, we can give you the general idea. WARNING: - for those faint of heart, young of age, or easily offended, READ NO FURTHER and now we continue... The original cover submitted for In Torment In Hell contained visions of incest, oral sex, castration, oral sex with said castrated member, well known holy figures, and of course the usual devils, demons, and ghouls. Not to spell it out, but the term "sacrilicious" starts to make sense now! Fear not! New, improved In Torment In Hell cover art is on the way. Glen Benton saves that day again!