Deicide are one of the bands that set the paradigm for death metal. Every one of their classic albums is like a gigantic rolling boulder of ultra-heavy riffs, skull-fracturing blast beats, and Glen Benton's guttural, blasphemous lyrics. From a lyrical perspective, they're simultaneously monomaniacal and surprising - you know Glen's gonna be yelling about how much he hates Christianity, but he always seems to come up with some new angle on his bilious, vein-popping Satanic rage. From their 1990 debut through 2001's In Torment In Hell, we've uploaded tracks from all six of their snarling, thundering studio albums (plus the live release When Satan Lives) to our Soundcloud page, and you can wallow in all the anti-Christian awesomeness right now!

Here are the links:

Deicide (1990) (Get it on iTunes)

Legion (1992) (Get it on iTunes)

Once Upon the Cross (1995) (Get it on iTunes)

Serpents of the Light (1997) (Get it on iTunes)

When Satan Lives (1998) (Get it on iTunes)

Insineratehymn (2000) (Get it on iTunes)

In Torment In Hell (2001) (Get it on iTunes)

And of course, the physical versions are all available in the Roadrunner webstore!