Here's a bit for you: Dez Fafara's new project Deathride is no more...well, it is no longer called 'Deathride.' Here forward - due to legalities - it shall now be known as DevilDriver. Dez Fafara tells, "It seems there are many Deathrides out there, and we wish them all the best of luck. We are now Devildriver." What's in a name? The name 'DevilDriver' stems from an old Italian witchcraft book Dez has wherein the Etruscan witches use bells called DevilDrivers. These bells (DevilDrivers) are used in spells for the purpose of driving away evil. It's True. In other DevilDriver news, only five more songs still need vocals tracked, and just one more day of guitars. "We will be wrapping up July 5th...and are looking forward to a long, long touring season. Until then."