While on tour in the UK earlier this year, DevilDriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick sat down with British music mag Altsounds to discuss a number of things. From the band's attempt to get in the Guinness Book of World Records via the largest circle pit ever recorded, to funny tour stories documented in their upcoming DVD, to the brand new album Beast, they covered a lot of ground.
Read an excerpt of the Q&A below, and go RIGHT HERE for the full feature.
DevilDriver will release their 5th studio album Beast on February 22nd. In addition to the full album, the band will be offering a special edition with a bonus DVD documentary entitled "You May Know Us From the Stage." Go HERE for more details. 
AltSounds: What’s going to be different from it in comparison to your other albums?
Jeff Kendrick: Well I think the songwriting is the best we’ve ever done, I think the musicianship is the best. I think it’s the best vocally, it has the best production too. I think it’s got simply the best everything. As far as the songs go, hooks and things like that, there’ll definitely be there. In terms of it being straight up heavy? It’s the heaviest and most brutal record by far. It’s fucking heavy man!

AltSounds: This is good news! [laughs] Was it a smooth and easy writing process?
Jeff Kendrick: I guess it was yeah! It was great for us because everyone in the band writes, and that’s all we can do. We released Pray For Villains in July 09, andliterally went into record an album in April 10. That’s only seven or eight months… Or maybe nine? [laughs] 

AltSounds: I think it’s nine… possibly [laughs]
Jeff Kendrick: Yeah, it wasn’t much time at all!

AltSounds: I’ve looked at a potential track listing for the album, and some of the titles that I saw included “Shitlist,” “Cold Blooded” and “You Make Me Sick.” Do you think that this dark and edgy feel that you guys have to your music is vital in becoming a successful metal band? 
Jeff Kendrick: Honestly man, I think it just comes down to the fact that we generally care. I think it goes beyond the fact that we’re playing music, it’s just the vibe in general because it’s real shit. It’s not contrived, it’s not fake, it’s not created for any other reason than it’s what comes from our hearts. I think people identify with that. As far as being successful goes, I think a lot of our success comes from the fact that we never go home from touring [laughs] We’re still on an upward climb, and I’m just grateful for everything that’s happened to us. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re certainly not going anywhere.