Dez sez: First off, lets go back about a month and talk about the shows we did with Gwar. Almost every night was sold out and we in Devildriver would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the tour. We did 56 shows in 60 days and it was a GREAT run. Thanks also go out to the crew that made it all happen, and special thanks go out to GWAR, of course, who treated us with the utmost RESPECT by giving us ample time on stage and NOT limiting the amount of merchandise we were allowed to take with us. We look forward to many more tours together ,and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! At this moment I'm on the bus in Munich, Germany, where Devildriver is on tour with Lamb of God. It's about 3 in the afternoon, there's plenty of snow on the ground, and it's COLD and DARK. The show tonight will finish our run in Germany and tomorrow we head to Italy! Here are the dates we have done so far: 6 shows in the UK (Nottingham, Stoke, Manchester, Glasgow, Wolverhampton and London), followed by a day off and gig the next night in Amsterdam. We hit Belgium, and then it was into Germany to do Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, and tonight, Munich. Stop by our Bulletin Board and you can read the fans' OWN ravings about these dates above. Needless to say, it has been an amazing tour, and we have been treated like family by the L.O.G. guys and crew. They too have given us ample time on stage as well as NOT limiting our merchandise for this run. HUGE thanks go out to there crew for all their help - it has been greatly appreciated. Some highlights thus far werre London (where the show was sold out and the crowd response was OFF THE HOOK - we can't wait to come back) and Berlin, where most everyone visited what's left of the WALL and walked around buying touristy shit, pieces of the wall, Russian fur hats, etc...good times. Tomorrow we start 2 dates in Italy: Milan and Trevisto. We finish off the tour by playing 2 dates in Austria (Saltzburg and Vienna), before doing our own headlining dates in Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France, with The Agony Scene - both shows are SOLD OUT!!! In fact, we've been sharing a bus with The Agony Scene, and I look forward to seeing what this young band will do in the future. The vibe on this tour has been one of a kind for me. I've really never toured with a more friendly bunch of people in my life. All the thanks in the world go out to Lamb of God and their crew for showing such graciousness to us - here's looking forward to more tours in the future with this GREAT band...Happy Holidays! I'd also like to thank Roadrunner Records in the UK for all their hard work promoting DevilDriver. Your belief in this band shows by the hard work your staff has been doing to get the band out there - THANKS!!! What else? We can't wait to come home for Christmas. The band flies home on Dec. 22nd and will take a well-deserved 3 weeks off before going out on tour with In Flames, Trivium and Zao, in the U.S. - click here for dates. BE ADVISED: we're the 2nd up on a 4-band bill, and will be on stage every night between 8 and 8:30. So get there early if you want to see us. We've toured with In Flames before in Europe, and are very excited to see are friends this January for a MONSTER of a tour. Also be on the lookout for a new video that will capture us in a live setting. It will be out by Feb. 1st and I think you'll all love what weve done. It's shaping up to be the best to date, and shows you guys what touring is like for US. Thats it for now...HAIL! ~ DEZ FAFARA For more things Devildriver, visit