DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara was interviewed by the site on the eve of the band's tour with Arch Enemy, Skeletonwitch and Chthonic (click here for dates). In the course of the lengthy conversation, he talks about the band's creative process, the state of the music industry, and perhaps most surprisingly, his feelings about his former band, Coal Chamber.

Says Fafara, "I get up every morning and these guys will already have four or five tunes written as well. It’s just what you do; if you’re a musician, you write. There’s no reason for bands to make you wait three, four, five years to make a record, especially now in this day and age."

He elaborates later, saying, "A band should be releasing maybe one song a month for two years straight, and that’ll be your record. Whole, inclusive records don’t work anymore, the model doesn’t work anymore. It’s broken completely. They need to go back to the single model, where people get a single once a month and they get excited about it - or once every two weeks, if the band is prolific and proficient enough with their writing, which we definitely are. When we go into the recording process, we write anywhere from 15 to 25 songs."

And regarding Coal Chamber, Fafara is blunt, saying, "
I would do shows with them. It’s been 10 years, we put the past behind us. Meegs and my drummer Mike are clean off of hard drugs. The reason I left Coal Chamber was because they got into methamphetamines and I just can’t be around that kind of thing. I’m a family man and I don’t do any hard drugs. I had to leave, which sucked, but taking the money out of their pocket made them stop and get clean. We’ve been friends for years; they come out to DevilDriver shows. You can see videos on YouTube of Meegs doing 'Loco' with DevilDriver. I don’t know if I’d entertain a reunion, but I would entertain some shows, definitely."

Read the whole interview at this link.