Aux TV interviewed DevilDriver's Dez Fafara last week and it's a candid discussion of where the band is headed, why he left Coal Chamber, and a little hint at the future.

“We’ve earned our fans one-by-one,” he admits. “It’s been a handshake at a time, a show at a time but the people who’ve stuck to us, do it organically, not through a mass-media blitz…Those people who say I (bailed)? Hello, stupid. I was selling millions of records with the kind of music I was doing. I’ll never come close to that with DevilDriver at this point now. I can’t tell you the hardships I put my family through just trying to start this band, putting them in a one-bedroom apartment and restarting (touring) in a van because I love music.”

“I didn’t jump ship to make more money. I did it to save my friends,” he maintains. “I thought Coal Chamber was doing something original but it got labeled as nu metal like Korn or whatever. If you really listened, it didn’t sound fuckin’ anything like that. It came to an end abruptly, though. One day, we’re on the cover of magazines and everyone’s favourites—nobody’s talkin’ shit—and the next day, I leave. Then, the media turned in an instant.”

Read the full interview here.

Beast, the latest release from DevilDriver, came out last week. You should get your copy now.