DevilDriver guitarist Mike Spreitzer had to sit out the band's recent South American tour after suffering a seizure, but he's back on the road with them now, and he's contributed to's "Rigged" column, where guitarists talk about their onstage equipment.

Says Spreitzer, "My live rig signal chain starts with my ESP MS-1 guitar loaded with EMG 81 pickups and Dunlop Strings (sizes 10-13-17-30-42-63). We usually tune to Drop-C except for a few songs that we play in D-Standard. We have two songs that were recorded with a 7-string guitar tuned to Drop-A, but we have never played them live. The body and neck of my guitar is made from mahogany and my fret board is made from ebony. From my experience I find mahogany is a good wood for metal guitarists and one of the most popular in the genre."

From there it gets highly technical and complicated, so you should just head to and read the rest. DevilDriver's tour with Arch Enemy, Skeletonwitch and Chthonic continues through October 4, so stop by our tour page and find a show near you!