It's Monday. Everything is moving right along. We appreciate everybody coming back on the forum. Speaking of which, quite to the contrary, I do own a computer (thank you RR), and do know how to use one, more or less...and do try to check out the forum once in a great moon. Here's what's happening at the studio: 14 songs done on drums, 10 songs done on guitar, 4 songs done on bass, and I did my first vocal last night, on a song called "Bear Witness Unto." As this is being written, Mike is laying down more guitars. Look forward to a post from our producer Colin Richardson in the next couple of days for another view on what has been going on. Hey, and it's that time again, we're talking questions. If you have any (to any member or about anything), we want to answer them. Please post them on our forum at THIS LINK and we'll be answering them here in the NEWS section shortly.