The following is taken from the liner notes that can be found on the cd tray card from ANYONE's 1999 self released live recording titled "Live Acid": In 1999 ANYONE shocked the alternative underground by releasing the controversial psychedelic documentary "TogethermenT". The film sent shockwaves from Huntington Beach all around the world, and became an instant cult classic. The thing that fuels the definitive youth-culture film of our time is unquestionable the music of ANYONE. Like the motion picture that it's taken from, the music on this disc is a shocking commentary on the world as it enters 2000. These are the raw, unedited concert recordings of one of the most dynamic live bands of our time. Experience the sonic bomb-blast that have stunned audiences and defined the sound that became known as MAXIMUM ACID. Check out the ANYONE website for video footage from this documentary.