Three random facts to throw you this Tuesday afternoon: 1) "Rackhouse" defined: In the world of Nickelback, Jerry Cantrell and their fans, May 13th thru July 7th will be two months known as The Road To The Rackhouse. In particular, The 2002 Jim Beam Road To The Rackhouse Tour...that is the official tour name. Sponsored by our good friend Jim Beam, Nickelback and Jerry Cantrell will tour the U.S. together this summer. So, what exactly is a "rackhouse"? "Rackhouse" - a barnlike structure where bourbon is aged. the road to follow, indeed... note: the above definition comes straight from the Jim Beam folk. Did You Know? Webster's Dictionary does not even acknowledge "rackhouse" as an actual word. 2) Jerry Cantrell added: The first single to be released from Jerry Cantrell's upcoming Roadrunner debut Degredation Trip, has already started to get airplay. Yesterday (04/01) the first adds came in, very early in fact...this track, titled "Anger Rising", doesn't officially go for adds until April 29th. If you live in Vegas or Phoenix or even Texas, keep your ears open for the song. Did You Know? KATT, a station in Oklahoma, added the song today. Jerry currently lives in Oklahoma. 3) Anyone - a new breed of acid: The new issue of Billboard magazine gives a review of the Anyone single "Whole World's Insane". In the review of the track, Billboard writes "The trio has developed a new breed of acid rock, quite literally." What is meant by this? note - answers to the above question and more can be answered by listening to Anyone's self titled debut, which is in stores now. Did You Know? Anyone dubs their music style as 'Maximum Acid'. What is it? Picture the talent of Rush, the edginess of Jane's Addiction, and the trippiness of Pink Floyd combined into one, for starters...Quite fitting that Billboard would use 'acid' in their Anyone description. Did You Know? We hope you learned something new today.