A few Soulfly news items for you today: I - Max Euro Bound This Sunday (05/05) Max will flying to Paris for a European promo tour (not 'concert' tour, but more of a 'press' tour). Stops include the UK, France, Germany, Holland and Spain, among other Euro hot spots. He will be returning back to the U.S. on May 22nd. II - Mikey Likes Japan A few months back when Roadrunner Japan A&R Rep Kaori was visiting us good folk here in the NYC Roadrunner office, the wheels were in motion. These wheels we speak of were Kaori's idea to have Soulfly guitarist Mikey Doling produce the upcoming release from Bat Cave, a Roadrunner act in Japan. Remember Kaori? Remember Bat Cave? For Bat Cave music and Kaori info, check out our previous wildcard feature on Roadrunner Japan. Currently, Mikey is in Japan producing Bat Cave's upcoming release. Did You Know? Mikey's previous production credits include the Lynn Strait tribute, and demos for Hemlock. True. III - Soulfly To Tour With Slayer, Two Times If you have been keeping up with our TOUR news, you'd already know this. Click HERE is you currently have no idea what we are talking about. AND THAT, is the Soulfly bible for the day... Soulfly 3 in stores June 25th