One word for you all, "WOW"!!! Let me make a suggestion if I may, GO TO Fear Factory's MUSIC PAGE, and download "What Will Become" from their forthcoming DIGIMORTAL release (due out April 24th). Get the song cranking loud, sit back, and read the following. The following is the world of DIGIMORTAL, as written by Burton C. Bell - the concept behind the new album as well as track by track descriptions of each song. Get lost in the world of DIGIMORTAL... DIGIMORTAL SONG SYNOPSIS The concept of this album is based upon the idea of natural evolution of Humanity, and how over time, technology has been absorbed into our natural evolution. The title itself generates that idea, by condensing two different reasons of thought digital technology, and human mortality. Technology became such a prominent aspect of our world, that the natural, human evolution adapted technology into it's own evolutionary process, evolving into a symbiotic relationship. In the future of DIGIMORTAL, both concepts cannot exist without each other. Take either out of the equation, and both will cease to exist. It was because of this evolution, that humanity unlocked the secret of IMMORTALITY. In a very possible future, the advancement of technology enabled humanity to explore the possibilities of our own existence, our own mortality. The one goal that every generation has proposed, is the pursuit of immortality. Is it something that could be attained, through mortal exploration? In the world of DIGIMORTAL, that goal was found. By enhancing the human body with a cybernetic instrument at the base of the Cerebral Cortex, human memory could be downloaded directly from the brain. It was known as an ETERNACHIP. (Due to the rising costs of technology, only the wealthy were able to afford this procedure.) When a client was preparing for their ETD, (estimated time of death), the Eternachip would be installed to download all of their memories, and experiences they inferred, to be saved inside a mainframe of the Eterna-system. This mainframe was referred to as a “Cyber Purgatory”, where the client was supposed to reside. At the time of death, preparations would be made to clone the client. This clone would be nurtured inside an Amniotic Incubator, until the chronological age of 25. At that time, the memory of the client would be retrieved from the central mainframe, and downloaded into the Eternachip of the client's clone, thus, emulating the concept of IMMORTALITY. Everyone seemed to believe that this was a true, working procedure, valuable in ethics and morals, but what seemed to be forgotten was the soul. Is it something that is part of our memories, or is it something intangible, out of reach from technology. This is the concept of DIGIMORTAL. In DIGIMORTAL, we pose these questions to you. Questions that people may be asking in the impending future 1) Do our memories, and the experiences they infer, represent our humanity? 2) Do our memories constitute the soul, our essence, our being? 3) Is the soul a tangible entity, able to be captured into digital technology? 4) Would a clone installed with memory, be the same person that the memory belonged to? SONG DESCRIPTIONS Unlike the album OBSOLETE, there is no story that follows the sequence of the songs. What we have created is a collage of imagery, (through graphic alliteration, and sonic intensity). All of these songs represent the world of DIGIMORTAL. All of these songs depict a very possible future with the impending evolution of man and machine, creating a world of Digital Mortality…DIGIMORTAL. 1) WHAT WILL BECOME - “What will become, and what will we be, when we can see our own eternity?”. This song does nothing more than present a question: what will happen to humanity when the door is unlocked to immortality? Will the natural order of destiny fail? We propose these questions for intellectual thought. 2) DAMAGED - “ I am damaged for life, and I can't believe I'm alive.” Certain individuals maintain the idea that the human body is a perfect machine, finalized, without need for enhancement. That cybernetic installments are damaging to our bio-systems, and is a violation of nature. However, the price of immortality is determined by the weight of existence. How much is everlasting life worth to you? 3) DIGIMORTAL - “ As I witness the death of innocence, a predator feeding on its' creation.” This song was inspired by a nature program, where a known predator was feeding on its' own young, only to survive. This was an example of the true essence of survival and instinct, through sheer innocence. Humanity has taken out the equation of death through evolution. Erased the instinct of “survival of the fittest”. Where is the innocence of humanity? Will we be our own downfall? 4) NO ONE - “ Takes over and numbs me, shows the fear inside me, no one can deny.” In the future, humanity cannot deny the instinctual burden of fear. Emotion is something that cannot be abandoned, even when immortality is so accessible. No one can escape basic human emotion. 5) LINCHPIN - “ Can't take me apart!” This song depicts the symbiotic relationship of man and machine. A linchpin is a simple element that holds together the concept of a complex machine. The union of man and machine is something that cannot be taken apart. Take either out of the program, and both will cease to exist. 6) INVISIBLE WOUNDS - “My life was so dark, my mind was so dark, everything was so dark.” This is what we imagine the memory of a clone to be. Nurtured in complete darkness for what seemed a lifetime, would dreams seem to be reality? On the line of consciousness, and unconsciousness, would a clone know they are even alive? From an outsiders' point of view, they are nothing but dark bodies floating in darkness. 7) ACRES OF SKIN - “There is no morning sun, no falling rain, for acres of skin.” The title lifted from a non-fiction book of the same name, the book was about a prison in the United States that allowed the government, and pharmaceutical companies to test on the inmates. Humans destroying humans. This is a song depicting a morbid future where clones are nurtured inside a suspended state of consciousness. Like a farmland, waiting to be cultivated. Where are the inalienable rights of humanity, when a human clone has no voice, or ability, to defend themselves with? 8) BACK THE FUCK UP - A song about the less fortunate, those who cannot afford the price of immortality. Those who are being shut out and condemned. Purists of a future where bio enhancement is a natural course of life. They stand up for human rights with a vengeance, hoping the future generations will open up their eyes to the danger of augmentation. 9) BYTE BLOCK - This is a song about a mental condition that affects the cloned client of the future. Bouts of darkness permeate their memory, traces of another being inside their head. At certain times, the clones' own memory, struggles with the memory of the client, and reality is nothing more than a confused state of consciousness. This condition is known as a BYTE BLOCK. 10) HURT CONVEYOR - “I force my way inside your head!” In mechanical terms, a conveyor is a machine that brings to, or takes away. It could be an object, element, or emotion, to or from ground zero. In this case, the conveyor is a more abstract interpretation, something less tangible. Ask yourself, what is it that hurts you, brings you pain, rather than pleasure? What is it that takes you from reality? Helps you escape from your fears? This could be the deity of a new day, of another time. One that seems to resemble a deity of our time. 11) ( MEMORY IMPRINTS ) NEVER END - “ I feel blessed for I can see the stars look down on me.”. All of us are prone to imprinting of our own personality. We go to school, and are taught the same procedures for life. We go through our days, and are exposed to the same programming from large corporations. We go to our religious sanctuaries, and are enlightened to the same stories of ancient history, and we accept them as true. What we have here is someone who realizes that the world around him is full of deceit, full of contradictions. This person, however, has enlightened themselves to the real world. A world that is full of natural grace, yet at the same time, a cruel world of survival. This is their mantra, their prayer, and when they look up at the night sky, and see a million points of light, they dream that the enlightenment is meant especially for them.