Fear Factory, Fear Factory, what d'ya say? Finishin' up the last date of the Road Rage Tour today... Yep, you've read it many a time before, tonight (10/23) is the last night of the Road Rage tour. What next for Fear Factory? They kick off a European tour which starts on Halloween night in Belfast. This tour figures to keep the band in Europe until late December. In the meantime, we bring up the topic of their debut dvd release - Digital Connectivity - due out come December. In a previous news story, The Production Gospel According To Dave gave us a rundown of the details on this piece. However, the full details were not disclosed. Herein, we start to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Tonight we shall start with the audio track listing of the dvd. As Dave told, the dvd contains 8 Audio Tracks - Previously unreleased tracks and rare B-sides. They are as follows: 1 - "Frequency" (recorded 4 months after the completion of Digimortal, making it the newest Fear Factory song) 2 - "Machine Debaser" (originally recorded for the video game 'Demolition Racer'...parts of this track were later recycled and became the chorus of "Hurt Conveyer" and the bridge of "What Will Become?") 3 - "Demolition Racer" (also originally recorded for the 'Demolition Racer' video game, a part of this song later became the chorus of "Acres Of Skin") 4 - "Cyberdyne" 5 - "Refueled" 6 - "Transgenic" 7 - "Edgecrusher" (urban assault mix) 8 - "Descent" (falling deeper mix) More filling in the gaps of this dvd, Digital Connectivity, to come next week. Oh, and we mentioned in the blurb to this news story that a Digimortal ep is in the works and to be released in Australia...well, it's true. Details on this piece to come shortly, once The Production Gospel According To Dave has been full consulted. Phase II is upon us...you have been warned...resistance is futile... Digimortal in stores now Digital Connectivity dvd coming December 2001