Fear Factory, as said many a time before, is currently hosting their own tour here in the states in support of their latest release, DIGIMORTAL. The tour name, The Evolution Of Revolution. Well, another Evolution is in the works. Though nothing absolute, there are plans of creating a Fear Factory DVD. The title, Digital Connectivity - The Evolution Of Fear Factory. Initial plans include concert footage from their current tour, a bio on FF as written by FF, and a chronological order of their history as told by each release, along with live/behind the scenes footage/interviews from each release. Of course, all videos done by the band will be included, as well as other special features. Again, just being vague...as we are not 100% on the form this is to take, or a date for this to be released. We can leave you with one last bit of info - Fear Factory is looking for your video footage of them, no requirements, just whatever...for possible inclusion on this DVD project. Check out www.FearFactory.com for all the details.