All week long we've been taking a walk through the seven studio albums that make up Soulfly's discography with frontman Max Cavalera giving his insights on what went into each one.

The journey has taken us from the band's 1998 self-titled album -- Max's first album since leaving Sepultura -- through 2010's Omen, an album which Cavalera sums up as "just pure thrash metal and hardcore all the way."

Read what else he had to say about the band's latest album below, and if you missed any of the other Discography pieces this week, get caught up as follows:

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"Conquer was seen as our most aggressive album of those last three, but ‘Omen’ is somewhere in the middle.

It’s got both metal and hardcore elements. It has a strong, fast thrash element but it’s got some great moments like ‘Rise of the Fallen’ too, which turned out to be such a great song with Greg Puciato. I do my lower vocals and Greg does his higher pitched Dillinger Escape Plan vocals, and that song really took off as an instant classic, everybody who heard it said straight away ‘Oh yeah, that’s a great song!’.

The album was recorded in LA. It was the first album where I didn’t travel anywhere, there’s no world music involved, it’s just pure thrash metal and hardcore all the way. The material in the studio was coming out so brutal, I thought if I included world music it would ruin it. It feels so powerful like it is.

Soulfly has evolved so much through the years, this actually is different for us, because it was made in just one place. We didn’t travel round the world – maybe the simplicity has made the difference!"

Omen was released on May 25th, 2010. Pick up your copy of the killer album RIGHT HERE!