On Thursday, April 11th, the second annual Arizona Infusion of Music Awards (AIM) will be held at The Web Theatre. Started last year by Static Management and The Blaze (ASU radio station), this year The Edge (103.9) and The Zone (101.5), along with Jim Beam, Guitar Center and others are also active participants. What is this? Basically the state of Arizona's music awards. Dislocated Styles, being from Arizona, is up for three awards this year - Song Of The Year (for "Liquefied"), Best Vocals On An Album (for Pin The Tail On The Honkey), and Welcome To The Big Time. Voting is determined by a panel of Phoenix-area music professionals, and you - by voting online at www.aimawards.net. Online voting ends on April 8th, so to view to competition and cast your word, get on it before then... Dislo, all the best.