Sepultura and De La Tierra guitarist Andreas Kisser was interviewed by Metal Insider about how the new group came together, their touring plans, and much more.

Says Andreas about the creative process behind their self-titled, self-produced, self-financed debut album, "The chemistry was great. I thought everybody was really focused, more than 20 years of experience that we had with our own groups and careers.  We wrote the 10 songs on the album in 10 days, it was really cool and really quick, and was really great to get the privilege to play with such amazing musicians. And also, it’s something that was not organized by any sponsorship, or manager, or any reality show type of vibe that create bands like that. It’s something made by the musicians that wished to play heavy metal together. We financed the project ourselves, we produced the album.  It was great, it was very new and very honest."

Regarding his return to Roadrunner with De La Tierra, he says, "I started a beautiful story with Roadrunner with Sepultura in 1988. It’s great for both sides and now I have a chance to start with the new Roadrunner and a new band, and that’s a privilege to do that. Of course it’s not the same people who used to work with Sepultura, which is good because it’s good to have new people with new heads thinking about De La Tierra only. I think it’s great, I feel loved. Roadrunner has been around for so many years. It’s great to work together again and start something new like that."

Andreas says the band—which will be opening for Metallica at four South American concerts—hopes to hit the road in earnest this spring: "We have blocked off end of March and April for De La Tierra dates.  We’re going to start with Metallica, as well as the Vive Latino festival on March 29 in Mexico City.  And then in April we want to work in the States and in Canada, who knows. We’re still working out the dates and routing. There’s even some possibilities for Sepultura and De La Tierra could play together at summer festivals in Europe."

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De La Tierra's self-titled debut is available everywhere now—grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!