While on tour in Europe for the first time ever, goth-rock newcomers Dommin are seeing the sights, playing in front of foreign crowds and documenting their time abroad for us to experience right along with them on their newly minted website.

Checking in from the road in Germany -- where the band (touring in support of Lacuna Coil) have spent two days in Cologne, followed by stops in Karlsuhe and Munich.

Writes frontman Kristofer Dommin of his day off in Cologne:
"Its really great to just hang out with everyone, eat, drink, bowl, laugh and jeer without worrying about time schedules. We got some excellent footage that will hopefully make the next "vlog.". After bowling, Cameron and I head back to the hotel, while Billy and Konstantine head out with those still willing to continue the fun. As for myself, I go find a local laundromat and take care of business. After spending two hours there, I figure I could walk what seemed like a 5 minute cab ride to get here. It starts to rain when I realize, I have no idea where I am at. I basically walk around lost in Cologne convincing myself that I'm getting my exercise in for the day and hoping I don't get sick a 4th time. While it was no fun to be lost, I did find it interesting to stumble upon different landmarks like St. Agnes Church. After realizing I walked the complete opposite way of the hotel, I get myself on the right track. Things start to look familiar when I turn a corner and find myself staring up at the darkest and most ominous cathedral I have ever seen. Its jaw dropping."

As for Karlsruhe, Dommin had this to offer:
"We arrive at the venue in Karlsruhe and it's a place called Substage. The name of the venue finally makes sense. We are literally playing under ground below the middle of an intersection which I am assume would normally be a pedestrian route for crossing the street. I'm a bit bummed that there is no projection here to put up our backdrop. We had some technical issues tonight with the drums sliding across the floor. Things like that make it feel a little more like a rock show. I feel like I thrive a bit off of the challenge of things going awry. All in all it was good."

And finally, as the band leaves us off in Munich, Kris Dommin expounds, "After getting lost from haven been given the incorrect address, we arrive at a place that seems a bit like a botantical garden. This place has three rooms. There is a concert going on just next door and I hear that its some type of pagan fest. Lots of growling and million mile an hour solos bleed through the walls. Its the last show in Germany on this tour. We do what we do and I think that Munich might have been the loudest and most enthusiastic crowd in Germany."

To read each tour diary excerpt in it's entirety, visit dommin.com, and if you haven't done so yet, pick up your copy of the band's debut album Love is Gone right HERE!