As Dommin continue on their first-ever European tour supporting Lacuna Coil, frontman Kristofer Dommin has been keeping a tour diary every step of the way.

We already heard from him on the band's stint in the UK, but here is his assessment of their time spent in Eindhoven and then Paris. Check out excerpts of the gear trouble, language barriers and good times below, and read the entire write-ups right here!

Writes Dommin about the time spent in Eindhoven, "It was roughly a 2 hour drive to Eindhoven where we play tonight as direct support for Lacuna Coil. It is also the first show we will play where English is not the primary language though most speak and understand it. It makes me wonder, can I say what I usually say? Shall I speak less? Shall I make an attempt to speak obviously poor Dutch? I'm not sure I want to embarrass myself like that."

As for Paris, Dommin writes, "Again I was uncertain about the language barrier. But we kicked off the set and as we ended the first song there was a roar of applause and cheering!

The French audience loved Dommin and Dommin loved France.
We were all happy with how things ended up. One interesting thing. There was a meter that would monitor the decibels. Apparently there is a law that requires the sound not to be louder than 102. Weird to do at a rock show. But the sound was still good..just low."

Read more right here, and check back for more updates as Dommin continue their trek through Europe.

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