While on their first-ever European run, goth-rock newcomers Dommin have been keeping us posted on their adventure along the way right here.

From Sweden, where frontman Kristofer Dommin is feeling a little under the weather, the crooner writes:

"After we loaded up our gear it was a 6 hour drive to Malmo. It snowed the entire way down and the roads were icy. The van slid around a little bit on lane changes and curves. I can't wait to get to the venue alive and well....or at least alive.

I was lucky enough to have Cristina from Lacuna make me her special concoction for the voice. It was really good. And I think it's going to become my new habit.

We took the stage to kind of a sparse crowd but I swear they were the loudest and most enthusiastic crowd on the tour. They gave us so much energy when we were exhausted from the day that I felt like we gave one of our most energetic performances."

While in Germany, with stops in Berlin, Hamburg and Aschaffenburg, Kris explains:

"We basically got dropped off at the Reichstag and walked around. The structures were pretty impressive. It wasn't long before we had to be at the venue... And what a welcome we received! Within 5 minutes into our soundcheck, we got yelled at by the house sound people. There's nothing better than getting yelled at in German. A good time was had by all...

...Now we were back in the snow. And what do you know, I'm sick again. But this time it's a bit more serious...I get my finger pricked for a blood sample and hit it off with the doc as he shows me his very extensive album collection in his office. I can definitely appreciate it as I have some of the very same albums: a Louie Armstrong collection and Billie Holiday boxset are among the many.

I sit in a waiting room awaiting the results amidst children coughing and German banter. I feel very foreign. But the doc comes back to tell me that its a good thing I came in because I was only a couple days away from full blown pneumonia. However, I should be okay to do tonight's show...

I manage to play through the set without sounding like a 12 year old boy going through voice changes. But the highlight of my night and I think the entire band agrees, we met some U.S. Soldiers stationed in Germany who were out to catch Lacuna Coil. There is something so nice about finding familiarity so far away from home."

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