As Dommin continue on their first-ever tour of Europe, frontman Kristofer Dommin continues to check in from the road to report the sights and sounds of their maiden voyage through the old world.

Today we catch up on the band's time in Austria and Switzerland:

"We spent a beautiful day in Salzburg, Austria. We walked into town and soaked in the birthplace of Mozart. We visited one of the largest castles in the world. It was like being transported back in time. So many things were well preserved from furniture, clothing and weapons.

The next day we drove into Vienna. I tried to imagine myself being Mozart and traveling by horse and carriage from Salzburg to Vienna to perform for aristocrats. It must have been a grueling journey. It was strange, but as we rolled into Vienna it was almost unanimous that we felt like we were rolling into Dallas, Texas. The show in Vienna felt like a flash. We couldn't hang out like normal because of our next day drive, part of which we had to do that night. We have a long way to go to Zurich, Switzerland.

It was a total of about 8 hours of driving. Luckily, we were able to break it up into two sessions. We are able make the time pass by watching movies on the way. We watched "Sunshine" and "LA Confidential". Both are very cool. However the DVD player's sound is hooked up through the audio of the stereo and I think its possessed. Every so often, without any regularity or correlation, the movie sound will go off and we will be interrupted by German news reports. It always seems to happen at a very crucial part in the movie."

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