Los Angeles quartet Dommin have just released their darkly romantic debut album Love is Gone, and it's been a long time coming. In this interview with The Gauntlet, frontman Kristofer Dommin addresses all of that and more.

Says Dommin, "I find romantic to be a weird word to use considering it isn't a positive spin on love, on this record anyway. In the sense of romantic, as far as super passionate and extremely emotional, I would absolutely agree."

As for the making of the full-length, Kris goes on that, "It's been a long time in the making. The music and the album have been done for over a year now. It's just been a lot of set up time. It was originally supposed to come out in May of 2009 and some things changed with it. It got pushed back for various different reasons. It's actually been a really good thing."

On the album, the band worked with producer Lucas Banker, of which Dommin says, "Lucas is basically the guy who discovered us. He came across a demo that I had. I had been in other bands and I would always pass my demo around in the bands that I was in. Somehow through a weird twist of fate, someone who knew him passed my demo along to him. Ever since we started working together, we started writing songs together."

Continued Kris, "He is probably our biggest fan. In a lot of ways he has seen this whole thing grow and in some ways he has a better idea of what Dommin is more than anybody. When I first met him, I gave him between 70 to 80 demo songs. He already knows the direction we are going and what we are capable of. He has the big picture. A lot of people don't totally understand what Dommin is until they have heard more than just a few songs. The entire first album is not the complete picture. Hopefully, when we put out other records, you are going to see other sides to the band."

Read what else Kris had to say about the making of Love is Gone, and get your copy of the stunning debut RIGHT HERE!

Dommin will be on tour with HIM in the US later this month. Check the tour dates and get your tickets now!