Having just finished an extensive tour that began in February upon the release of their debut album Love is Gone, Dommin have conquered cities throughout Europe and the US with their darkly romantic goth-rock.

Altsounds.com reviews one of the shows from this trek, writing, "front man Kristofer Dommin is a born entertainer, all brooding charm and dark good looks, he is in fact the reason why half the audience is here. As there is no barrier or security at the stage front the ladies are able to get close enough to touch the main man this evening. But tonight isn’t just about Kristofer, tonight is about the band making a statement and it’s a statement of intent; as they breeze through their set with all the swagger and bravado you would expect, there is also an underlying sense of beauty and melancholy that seeps through into proceedings, and brings a nice balance."

View some photos of Dommin live below, see the whole gallery here, and get your copy of the band's stunning debut for only $5 now!