Having just finished up their lengthy run alongside HIM in support of their debut album Love is Gone, Dommin write their final tour blog from the love metal trek:

"As I sit here in my hotel room on what feels like the first real day we've had off since late March," writes frontman Kristofer Dommin, "I have a lot to look back on and think about. I say it's our first "real" day off because any other day off we've had has usually meant a 7 to 10 hour drive day. But today, there is no time schedule to keep and nowhere to be, and it feels pretty good."

While the frontman goes on to recap the various cities the band stopped through, and even recalls a run-in and brief hang with their friends and former tourmates Lacuna Coil in Myrtle Beach, Kris sums up the band's experience on this recent run, writing:

"The HIM tour has been great for us. We started with them in Europe and finished with them in the US. From about the 2nd or 3rd day on the tour, the crew for HIM and the band themselves were so very gracious and really took us under their wing. We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to play for their fans. I think HIM fans certainly understand the type of music that Dommin is doing. The reactions we have been getting on our Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Official Website have been more than we could ever have hoped for. I certainly think it has boosted the band's profile and there are a lot more people out there who know the name Dommin and more people who have truly connected with the music. I can't explain the feeling of having connected with so many people on that level. I only hope they continue to walk with us on this journey that is only just beginning."

Read the whole tour diary on dommin.com and stay tuned for more from these goth-rock upstarts as they continue on their journey.

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